Flash update: Visit to Legrand HQ in Limoges

On Friday January 5th the team at TOLSON had the opportunity to visit Legrand in Limoges in the context of our VDA Project with 19 French multinationals (Total, Sanofi, Engie, Societe Generale…)

Legrand, whose origins date back to 1865 as a porcelain workshop, is now a world leader in electrical and digital building infrastructures.
It was great to meet with the CPO Karine ALQUIER-CARO and her team who kindly gave us an exclusive tour of Legrand’s showroom “Innoval”.

Innoval is more than a showroom, it is also a training centre for residential and commercial/industrial clients.
We thank the team at Legrand for their hospitality, it was definitely worth the trip!

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